? 2012 Brazil South America International Glass Technology Expo

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2012 Brazil South America International Glass Technology Expo

Date:2013-12-17 10:06:34

Show time: 2012/09/20 May 16 to May 19
Venue: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Group Exhibition of China: Beijing International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Reed expand
Exhibition description:
Brazil International Glass Industry Exhibition will be held in South America, Sao Paulo, Brazil 16-19 May 2012, every two years, the exhibition theme of architectural glass industry, glass exhibition organized in the same period, Brazil has been very successful international door and window hardware The exhibition will be held simultaneously. Collaborative exhibition leverage the same period two glass windows and doors industry professional tour operators resources to scale and more powerful propaganda show. The exhibition in Latin America in the larger international glass exhibition, held since 2000, this is the seventh. Its wide range of full participation, variety, the sheer number of influential on the international glass exhibition. 2008 110 exhibitors, an exhibition area of ​​11,000 square meters, the last in 2010 170 exhibitors, an exhibition area of ​​17,000 square meters, 18,500 spectators. 2012 is expected to show an area of ​​20,000 square meters. Brazil International Glass Technology Exhibition rich content and improve the show exhibitors services will be the best platform for exhibitors to understand the American glass market trends, technology and information exchange. In addition, the vast majority of Chinese companies focus on developing markets in Europe and the Middle East, South America, the market for very little digging. . Therefore, to participate in the exhibition will be the Chinese enterprises in South America veil of mystery and uncover the best bridge to explore the vast potential market.
1, glass: float glass, sheet glass, lead crystal glass, depicting glass, fire resistant glass, stained glass, light control glass, hollow glass, insulating glass, mirrors, tinted glass, automotive glass, self-cleaning glass.
2, glass manufacturing machinery and equipment: glass molds, vacuum coating machine, glass furnace, washing machine, cutting machine, milling machine, engraving machine, drilling machine, sandblasting machine, beveling machine, unloading machine, feeding machines, engraving machines, molding machines, filling machines, grooving machines, centrifuges, grinding machine angle, polishing machines, presses, pre-press, copying machines, straight edge, steel / sandwich / hollow equipment, system mirror machines, printing machines.
3, architectural glass: window glass, reflective glass, K-type glass, E glass, laminated glass, furniture glass, glass bricks.
4, with a glass of medical technology: pharmaceutical ampoules, optical glass, chemical equipment and glass.
5, glass materials: soda, silicate brick, calcium oxide, aluminum, liquid glass, semi-adhesive, and molecular sieves.

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